Bianchi Reparto Corse Steel Road Bike 1996/비앙키 리 파르토 코로세 스틸 로 드 바이크

Reparto Corse frame. Chromed stays. Full Campagnolo setup.
비앙키 하이클레스 프레임 비앙키 리파르토 코르세

The Bianchi Reparto Corse was Bianchi’s special unit for the construction of high class racing frames. In the 1980s and 1990s, the quality of their production processes trickled down to more affordable models, made for the ambitious amateur rider. Consequently those bikes were also labeled with the prestigious ‘Reparto Corse’ logo.
One of these bikes is the one we are presenting here.
The frame has been built of strong stainless Dedacciai tubes, specially produced for Bianchi.
A complete Campagnolo groupset has been installed which perfects this bike to a completely Italian road machine. And we think, the Veloce group with its elegant Monoplanar brakes and Zonda wheels does suit the Bianchi pretty well, doesen’t it?
What is worth mentioning, too, are the completely chromed fork and rear stays and – of course – the great condition of our Bianchi. It has not seen many miles and is ready for you to be the first one who really puts it to a test!
Long trips, short intense training? This bike can handle it all.

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