Colnago Mexico Oro Collectible Road Bike 1980s/콜나고 멕시코 오로 콜렉터블 로드 바이크

What a radiant Colnago Mexico!
1972년에 에디 머렉의 멕시코시티 세계기록을 기념하기 위해 만들어짐. 이전 콜나고 슈퍼에 기반해서 만들어짐. 더 얇아진 columus SL tubes사용.
가격이 후덜덜…

Released in 1972 to celebrate the Eddy Merckx’s world hour record set in Mexico City, the Colnago Mexico was basically a development of the older Colnago Super: same geometry but thinner Columbus SL tubes. Thus it practically became Colnago’s top of the line model. Colnago manufactured two different versions of the Mexico before launching the Nuovo Mexico in 1982. This one is of the second version.

And everybody can see from the first look, that it is not a ‘normal’ Mexico, if a Mexico can ever be called normal.
Some of the bikes from this line have been chromed, few have even been gold plated, one of which had been presented to the pope. Even fewer got a translucent paintjob on top of the gold plating. And then there is a small number which has even gold anodised parts.

This is one of those bikes. A very special Colnago Mexico Oro. This is certainly something for a collector. Which does not mean that it is not perfectly fine to ride if you can deal with the attention that this bike will draw.


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