Chirico Competition Classic Road Bike 1980s/키리코 컴피 티션 클래식 로드, 빈 티지자전거


Even though Chirico has a great heritage as a bike manufacture, their frames do not often cross our path.
So we are happy to present you a Chirico Competition Classic Road Bike from the 1980s.
Chirico is a real family business which is now run in the third generation in Bussero, Milan. Grandfather Enrico set up the business around 1900, Father Erminio led the company from 1948 to 1987 and since then, Luigi Chirico has been in charge.
Cicli Chirico manufactured racing bikes & frames for many famous and successful clients including Andrea Cinelli. They also made the quite famous Cinelli Equipe Centurion frames. With the success of specially formed aluminium and carbon fiber, their frame building activities drew to an end. Nowadays they are basically a very traditional big cycling shop with more experience that anyone could hope for.
Our bike is a beautiful model which is full to overflowing with pantographs. If you are a fan of fine engravings on bikes, well, here is the full monty. Not only are the lugs on the frame refined with superbe cutouts and engravings. Also almost all parts got expertly pantographed. The crankset, the brakes, the brake levers, the hubs… you name it.
But we should not forget that the material of the frame is the legendary Columbus SL tubes and that the groupset is nothing less than a Campagnolo Super Record one.
The sheer quality of this bike makes it already desirable to anybody with a heart for great steel racing bikes. From weekend jaunts to long Eroica rides, this machine can take it all.

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